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Course for those that are interested in offering SEO services

Believe it or not, business owners are crying out for SEO experts that KNOW what they are talking about & can prove their results.

Of course, many business owners have also become a little jaded with the number of rubbish approaches that they receive these days… I get them too, and usually the emails don’t even have a website or any proof of results to back them up.

Another advantage is that, now in 2015, most business owners understand the need to pay monthly for SEO services – I always say that it’s a bit like going to the gym, in that you can’t just go once & think that’s enough and going to last for the rest of time.

So in this TWO DAY course, you’re going to learn;

  • The TWO things that everyone is searching for online, and WHY you don’t want to compete
  • The THREE types of Internet User / Buyer
  • 2015 Advanced SEO strategies that work
  • SEO myths and how to educate your client
  • Social Media and Social Bookmarking tools that work
  • Private Blog Networks (PBN) and SEO Hosting
  • Advanced strategies for DOMINATING a complete page of search results
  • How to pitch to business owners & get paid monthly

You will quickly learn how to build your very own £10,000pm business (within your first year of business)


Please note; you may only attend this course once you have previously attended the SEO course for business owners.



Sunday 17th May and Monday 18th May, 2015

Note: this may be the ONLY event of 2015 (apologies if the timing doesn’t suit you)



What to Bring

Bring your laptop & a case study (business that you wish to DOMINATE GOOGLE).
This doesn’t have to be an existing online business, as my SEO tuition works equally well for offline businesses.



I usually hire a prominent hotel just outside Edinburgh city centre, with easy access to train and plenty of parking, to give you maximum flexibility.  You may wish to make your own accommodation arrangements if travelling to attend.
I’ll give you precise details on confirmation of your booking.



As you’d expect from a serious, intensive workshop, there is nothing to sell here, it’s pure undiluted content, examining what works, what Google are looking for, and practical work to Make it Happen for YOUR Business.

Your investment has been restricted to £1,295 (main course for business owners) plus £595 for the additional coaching.

I’ll cover your wifi and coffees, but all other expenses are at your own choosing.



To reserve your space, all you need to do today, is pay £100 deposit.  The balance must be paid before we start the first day’s training.



Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

You will receive a certificate of completion for each of the full 8 hour days involved.



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Note; £100 early bird discounts until 30th April, use discount code at checkout; earlybird100
(not valid on minimum deposits)