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SEO Expert Advice

As you may imagine; SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a really competitive sector, with thousands of would-be experts and gurus pitching to business owners every day.

Indeed, the 2015 TV show winner of “The Apprentice” won £250,000 of Sir Lord Alan Sugar’s own cash investment to become a partner in a new Search Engine Optimized business offer.

What we suggest is simply this; rather than being sucked in by smooth talking salesmen and women promising the earth but selling you on the premise that it takes months to build your SEO and to see any effect, we like to simply ask for PROOF of success.

Can your SEO experts offer proof of success and a variety of business results on the First Page of Google on a regular basis?  WE CAN!!

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How can you achieve First Page Google Ranking for any business?


Q. Can you achieve 1st Page Ranking for any business?

A. Obviously there are only 10 results on each Search Engine Results page, so that’s a LOT of competitors.  In actual fact, whilst it may sound like an ideal goal, to be found on the first page of search engine results under all of your keyword phrases, you have to consider this from both the search engines and the customer’s point of view…

The results desired, are the most relevant to the keyword phrase entered, so Google (many other search engines are available) have created a constantly changing algorithm designed to give the most relevant results first.

Many of the factors within the algorithm cannot be enhanced, such as the age of the domain name, but other factors can be, such as the on-page SEO attributes AND the off-page SEO (mostly high quality links pointing to your website from already highly-ranked external websites), and especially if you can get links from sites that have extensions of .edu or .gov

replay live demo - 1st page ranking in front of a live audience

replay live demo – 1st page ranking in front of a live audience