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New Domain Name Warning

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New Domain Name Warning

Domain Name SEO choice, warning don’t purchase a new domain name until you watch this how to video

Have you been considering purchasing another new domain name?

You may wish to watch this video first… The Google ranking algorithm is constantly changing, and it would appear that AGE of the domain is now more important & carries more authority, than the relevance of the precision of the keyword phrase built-in to the domain name choice.


For those that find this video all too much to take in, the crux of my video is that NEW domains will take longer to rank.  So you really are determined that you want a new domain name, i’d choose extensions with .com then .org as
.org holds almost as much link ranking juice as .com

The Google ranking hierarchy is commonly believed to be > com, org, net, info, biz, co, me, us, then all the rest of the fancy new extensions, but these new extensions are rarely showing up in Google searches… I haven’t seen ANY yet.

Recorded in full screen, High Definition, so you may prefer to click the icon at bottom right of video.


See all the links to all the sites mentioned in this video;




If you are at the stage of purchasing a new domain name, and you’re on this site, then I guess you’ll also want to be web savvy regarding the hosting too.

I spent a LOT of hours researching the best and most clever and clean SEO hosting, and I’ve ended up with a reseller package.  Now, I use a lot of those unique IPs for my own websites and Private Blog Network (PBN), but if this is of interest to you, simply use the contact form and we’ll get your website sorted with the most powerful Search Engine Optimisation web-hosting possible, and start your new site with a BANG!


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