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How to stop receiving so many junk emails and spam emails

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How to stop receiving so many junk emails and spam emails

It’s so annoying when you’re trying to run a business & have to filter through hundreds of junky, spammy emails every day, and that’s without even opting into any internet marketing sales pages & autoresponder series.


Why am I receiving so many junk emails and spam emails?

The reason that you are receiving so many junk spam emails, is because you have a hyperlinkable email address within your webpages…

I first discovered this around 15 years ago, when I was busy building old-fashioned html webpages & in amongst those, I built one that had an email address at the bottom of the page with something like; [email protected]


What are Spiders, Robots, Bots

There are a number of names for ‘them’.  Effectively it’s a simple piece of software that trawls through your webpages to find external links to other websites & that includes finding hyperlinkable email addresses.

It is actually exactly what Google does!!

Google likes to be known as the number one search engine, and one of the factors within their ranking algorithm, is calculating how many external websites are actually recommending YOUR website, by having links (known as backlinks) pointing towards your website.

There are a number of further considerations in here, such as the number that have your full URL including http://  and the number that use your keywords as the ‘anchor text’**, and those that use random words such as ‘click here’ with the underlying link pointing to your website.

We also want links from external sites pointing to our pages or blog posts, and not just to the main website.  This indicates natural ‘liking’ and recommending of your content.

And Social Sharing to specific pages or posts within your site, are now deemed to be highly influential too.

**Anchor text; is the main keywords that you want your webpage to be associated with, and any hyperlinkable website links, linking from those anchor text phrases, are deemed by search engines, to be highly important & relevant.


Are you listed in Directories ?

It’s a good thing to have your website included in local business directories & indeed I also own a number of local directories to allow local businesses to add their own content & links to their own websites.

I also now own a number of clever pieces of software that do exactly the same task as Google… these ‘Bots’ or ‘Spiders’ or ‘Robots’ work by scanning directory sites such as Yelp, Manta and Yellow Pages, and strip out the business email addresses.

I can then send emails to specific business types in specific areas, knowing that they WILL get through to the appropriate desks & email relevant recipients.


I can also offer this service to you.

Would you like to tap into my ‘bot that will find the exact email addresses you need for your business?

If you would like a list of thousands of email address of your target market businesses in specific geographic areas, just ask me via my contact form.


So what can you do today to reduce the number of junk emails?

Well unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about the fact that there may now be many lists out there with your email address & indeed they may be selling these lists to other marketers…

However, you can reduce the ever-increasing number of spam emails, simply by looking at your own webpages (I’ve seen many websites add an email link on more than one page), indeed many of the larger corporations including your local newspaper, have a whole list of email addresses for you to contact the right department, and all of those are also hyperlinkable… All you need to then do, is remove the hyperlink within the coding… with wordpress this is easy done, but simply editing the page/post and click on ‘unlink’ button within the email address.

With old-fashioned html or php pages, all you need to do, is again remove the hyperlinkable element and/or add a space into the email address, so that the visitor actually has to work at sending you an email… eg. mike @ 

> as you can see; you can also underline and make the text blue, so it stands out as an email address, but the spiders won’t automatically pick it up, and the user has to physically edit it in order to send you a message.

Will this hurt your business?  Seriously do you think that having your email address as immediately hyperlinkable versus the client having to do a little work in order to send the email, will affect your business??   Personally I’d rather have that challenge, than the potentially thousands of junk emails received daily.

The second (and preferable option)

All you need to do; is add a contact form into your website, that will automatically send an email to the correct email address within your company, and maybe even add a ‘thank you’ acknowledgement message immediately to the sender, and maybe even then automatically send them to a ‘salespage’ or free gift page.  This means that your valid email address is not shown anywhere on the website & the spiders can’t find it, but potential customers can still communicate via the relevant contact form.


I hope that helps you.


How to stop receiving so many junk spam emails

How to stop receiving so many junk spam emails

How to stop receiving so many junk emails and spam emails
Article Name
How to stop receiving so many junk emails and spam emails
How to stop receiving so many junk emails and spam emails, detailed instructions on how to decrease those unwanted and unsolicited messages.