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We used to say

"Turnover is Vanity
and Profit is Sanity"


In January 2013, I went further and announced that
I believed that trying to grow your 
Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers
was pure VANITY!!

Unless there is REAL CASH FLOWING
into your business, 
there is no point in showing off 
that you have thousands of "followers"


Want to know how I became one of the Highest Earning Financial Advisers in the World, and a member of the elite 'Million Dollar Round Table' ?...

All You Need Is a Simple Sytem:
The clever way to run a sustainable business is NOT to keep chasing for new custom all the time, but to regularly communicate and service those who already know who (and where) you are, and what you offer.

THIS software is truly THE most advanced method of communicating with your Facebook fans, and cleverly adding them to your mailing list without even needing to ask for an opt-in.



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Here are just a small part of the features within this tool; 
1. We can locate THE most viral video/image content based on any relevant keywords. 
1b. This could include controversial, humorous, topical, seasonal etc... 
and is designed to get your fans to 
2. We can then Repurpose the viral content with YOUR fanpage details and links.
3. Automatically schedule to post regularly (maybe once per day) onto your fanpage.

4. Then the second stage of the ultra-clever system kicks in; 
as soon as anyone COMMENTS on any post, they are sent a personalised (first name) message [PM] via the free FB messenger app (not on the wall of the post, so they think it's a personal message and not a standardised message that everyone receives). 
5. That PM can have a direct link to your website URL, or better still, encourages the visitor to REPLY with a KEYWORD trigger eg. reply with the word 'competition' 

6. We can have unlimited keyword triggers and unlimited responses to those triggers 
eg. click to call, special coupon, link to a hidden page etc.

 As soon as the visitor enters even one keyword, they are deemed to have sent a message to the fanpage, and thus it would be rude not to respond... Indeed FB rewards prompt replies, and you can't get much faster than ONE SECOND auto-response. 
8. Without needing to ask for an opt-in, the very fact that the visitor sent a message first to the fanpage, implies that they have already opted-in to receive messages from the fanpage now, and via the free FB messenger app, we can communicate with them as often as we want with various offers.

This is so under the radar, as traditional email marketing has been proven to work, but is currently only getting around 4% open rate, whereas the FB messenger app is enjoying 100% open rate, and usually with the first hour... 


There is nothing else like this... 
and it's so cutting edge and under the radar, it's very exciting... 

I had to create a special fb app and get it approved by Facebook, so we are all above board and authorised.

Nobody is expecting to be receiving marketing messages via the messenger app, so we can take advantage of this now (and it's all automatic). 



ps. I am deliberately not trying to add fans to this test fanpage... this is purely (deliberately) a test fanpage to show what can be achieved without even trying to attract fans. 
I can still (automatically) communicate with everyone who comments on any post, and everyone who sends a message to the fanpage.

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