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Can we offer Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings?

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Can we offer Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings?

Why Reputable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firms Do not Offer Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings Why Reputable SEO Firms Do not Offer Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings

Why do the leading SEO consulting companies seldom ever offer assurances (and practically never utilize it as a marketing tactic).

Here are 5 strong reasons that SEOmoz and many of the SEO tools that we work with, recommend that you stay well away from any type of “assurance” of online search engine rankings.


Factor # 1: SEO Guarantees Have an Abominable History

From 1996 (The year that SEO really started, and also the year that I generated my First-Ever Income Online), through to today, SEO scam offers have used “guaranteed positions as well as web traffic” as a catchphrase to lure in unsuspecting customers with too-good-to-be-true pledges. Indeed, I still receive these offers personally almost daily, so I know how the average business owner must feel!!

That claim has effectively tarnished the whole SEO industry, as well as repelled those businesses that might consider using the “guarantee” tag. Just take a look at a few of the doubtful messages utilized by supposed SEO companies that make this offer… In my experience, most of them don’t even have a proper email address, preferring to use the free email addresses such as gmail or hotmail, and of course, none of them offer any proof of results.

(an example message that I received)
Our SEO software application comes with the most recent backlink appeal as well as internet site optimization tools to help you attain guaranteed ranking. Right here is what the Internet’s finest search engine optimization software application needs to offer:

Connect Popularity & Link Exchange Tools
Site Submission Software

Automated software for link exchanges and site articles? If you’ve done even 10 minutes of due diligence research into just how SEO is engaged, you’re going to notice that these claims venture deep into the type of methods that have not worked in the last five years or so.

(another example message that I received)
$399 yearly – Guaranteed quick listing on DMOZ, Netscape, Google, MSN, AltaVista, LYCOS, FAST, ASK and 100+ various other engines as well as websites! Trace your traffic and also guarantee a higher placement!

(an additional example)
We ensure to maintain you on 1st-page results monthly, or you don’t pay for that month.
We ensure to optimize your site for around 100 different key phrase phrases.
We ensure to give monthly reports that record all your 1st-page placements.

Several of the SEO businesses that do still ensure positions, have actually taken the smart tack of assuring a specific variety of keywords that they themselves decide on. Thus, they can choose mostly non-competitive terms and have a rather high price of success. Whether those keyword positions give any sort of major website traffic is another matter altogether.

This factor really doesn’t require labouring. Just as time shares have their “cost-free” weekend break vacations and used cars have their high pressure salesmen, SEO has its own perilous, stereotyped advertising and marketing, resulting in the legitimate SEO providers staying clear of making similar offers.


Factor # 2: The Search Engines Expressly Warn Against It.

Google’s own guidelines on search advertising and marketing;

Google Webmaster Guidelines, beware SEOs that claim to Guarantee results or allege a special relationship

Google Webmaster Guidelines, beware SEOs that claim to Guarantee results or allege a special relationship

No one can Guarantee a # 1 ranking on Google.

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google… “

this message from Google’s Webmaster should come through really plainly.


Reason # 3: Rankings are Inherently Unstable.

If I do a hunt for “SEO Company” in Seattle, then drive 3 hours south to Portland (or 3 hours North to Vancouver) and then perform the same query, I’m likely to wind up with a different ordering in the actual search results.

Given the incongruous nature of ranking changes, and the fact that ranking in a specific placement on a given PC at a specific point in time, says hardly anything about the future or even the here and now, it’s no wonder that intelligent SEO firms stay away from offering such an audacious guarantee.


Reason # 4: Rankings are a Poor Metric for Overall Performance.

Rankings do not equal website traffic. A good SEO project needs to be determined by the boost in search engine web traffic and (if the agreement also includes website optimization for conversions) the rate at which that traffic performs the wanted activities on your site (a call to action).
Your website is there to make you money, so in my experience, I recommend that you get your sales page sorted out first!

AUTHORITY and RELEVANCE are still the two key terms that Google (and other Search engines) are interested in.
Of the visitors that come from search engines to your website;
Yes – placement # 1 position, will normally get you much more web traffic than any other position in the search results page, yet many other campaign styles may also work well for you too, such as Facebook Adverts or Social Media polls and competitions.

Remember that approximately 60-70 % of searchers will look beyond the first three results too – and there’s normally a lot more low hanging fruit to be found therein.


Factor # 5: Making Guarantees About Something You Can not Control Carries Inherent Ethical Problems.

I was a successful Independent Financial Adviser in Edinburgh for 17 years, and one thing that I quickly became very averse to, was making any kind of promise that I couldn’t control… and I quickly observed that there is actually very little that I CAN control…
If a camera-maker vows that all your pictures will come out gorgeous, that’s merely reckless as well as not feasible.

This same principle goes for SEO. With constantly changing algorithms, and so many variables, it would be wrong to offer results that cannot be controlled by me!

What a good Search Engine Optimisation company can and must ensure, is that they will give the very best advice possible to assist your site attract even more traffic/visitors/footfall.  They could also potentially guarantee, after auditing your website, that they can increase your search website traffic by at the very least 10, 20, 30 % or more, and indeed we have achieved this many times for clients in the past.

Certainly there are times when I would certainly be willing to wager on the fact that we could possibly accomplish First Page Ranking for a given keyword phrase. Nonetheless, that’s not the same as a guarantee.
A warranty is a guarantee – a fundamental written agreement that necessarily creates a presumption of certainty by the deliverer to the recipient.
I personally avoid even using the word “assurance”.

We DO Hope, but not Guarantee that our clients will be happy with our results, although we can guarantee that if clients implement our recommendations, then their search web traffic will increase.

And we do assure that our work will not place the client’s site at risk of penalties from the search engines, based on our current understanding of Google’s Good Work Ethics Guidelines (I just made up that phrase).

I assume that these kinds of guarantees are perfectly acceptable to make – just make sure that you stay away from guaranteed “search engine ranks.” That’s just asking for trouble!