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Thank you for ordering your Social Signals.

We need only the URL that you wish to promote today…

Now you may be aware that these Social Signals are on a page-by-page and post-by-post basis, and not counted on your main website URL.  So we would recommend that you authorise Social Signals for each and every one of your website pages and posts, BUT rather than blasting them all en-masse, we suggest flagging them over a longer period of time in order to look more natural.

So we have another offer for you today, and to sweeten the offer,
we are offering DOUBLE the value for the same price!!

As our way of thanking you for your regular subscription, if you today subscribe at only $30pm, we will offer to authorise 600 Social Signals for TWO of your URLs each month

Of course, even if you only have 6 pages on your website, we could revolve the pages being signalled every three months, so indeed the increase in Social Signals for each page, is increased to look perfectly natural, and the net result is that you will DOMINATE over your competitors!


Start Your Subscription Today
(you’ll immediately be able add a second URL today, even though you won’t pay another cent until next month)


No thank you, I wish to proceed with one URL only
(we recommend you choose a recently posted, informative subpage, rather than your main website URL)