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Since the beginning of time, Google have been keen to be THE number one search engine that we all turn to first, and indeed that have pretty much succeeded in DOMINATING as the favoured search engine across many of the developed countries, and they have even now made their way into the dictionary as a household name.

Now if you think about it from any Search Engine’s point of view, what they have ALWAYS looked for in determining what search results to show first, is TWO main elements;


So considering we have all heard of the infamous, ever-changing algorithm, how do they determine Relevance and Authority?

Well there are actually many factors that can give the desired results, and nobody really knows what weighting/hierarchy is given to each, but if we look at it from a logical viewpoint;

If you type into a Google search (other search engines are available) “haircut”
There is no point in Google producing search results for a hairdresser in Sydney Australia if you are presently located in Edinburgh Scotland…

So to that end, search engines are now MUCH more aware that MOBILE device access and device location (GPS) can be highly relevant in search results.
Indeed, Google decided that as of April 2015, they would stop indexing non-mobile websites, so if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will no longer be found via mobile searches.


What else is new in 2015?

In short; Social Signals

What does Social Signals mean?

Well the fact is; in general we are now logging into Social Media much more than ever before, especially via mobile devices.

And if we ‘like’ what we see there, we will spend more time watching a video, reading a post, and SHARING those posts on our own profile and fanpages.

So there are a number of factors to consider here;

  1. How many seconds/minutes are we spending on that page?
  2. Which site is it on?  (Each site has it’s own ‘Page Ranking’ to determine how authoritative it is).
  3. How many like/tweets/shares etc is it attracting?
  4. What Keywords/hashtags/anchor-text are being associated?

Now surely those are factors that the average website can’t do much about… or can it?

Well here is a quick, easy, free way to check;
Note; all of your pages and posts are counted individually.

Adding video for example, can help with length of time your visitor stays on any particular page.


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