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LIVE Internet Marketing Workshop - no sales pitch - pure content - learn exactly what you need to do to earn online today

Celebrating 20 years since I generated my
First Income Online


Sunday 1st May 2016

(one day only)



No Excuses

Let’s be honest, there are not many people out there who can boast twenty years of Internet Marketing experience, and now with tens of thousands of hours hiding behind my screen & testing what works, I KNOW that I can teach you a few things regardless of what level you are at.

In ONE-DAY, you will learn Exactly what you need to do in order to build your own recurring income stream.


overwhelm to do everything



Once you’ve looked into the Making Money Online niche, you may have discovered that actually, there are literally HUNDREDS of areas that you could focus on, and whilst these are all important in their own right, they are also a MASSIVE TIME SUCK!!

If you will allow me to cut through some of the B.S., I will happily share some of my knowledge with you.

In my experience, the truly most successful Internet Marketers are only focused on ONE MAIN ACTIVITY!




Like most of us, I am proud of my heritage & proud to be Scottish, and yet there is something in our relatively recent history that has stopped us from shouting about how ‘great’ we are…
“How are you?” >> “Aye, no bad”


We all love humility, and there is something appealing about a humble person who obviously knows, and has achieved significantly more than they are letting on… and yet, compared to many Americans, who are happy to BOAST and put out a great pitch, and then we discover that they are infact empty vessels, with more gloss than quality of content, most Brits in my experience have a phenomenal wealth of knowledge and skills that come from a heart-centred space, and they really deserve to be acknowledged (and wealthy) as a result of sharing those.

Ok, so without boasting, how do we SELL on our websites?
How do we market what we know to be a truly great service or product that we are rightfully proud of?





Live SEO workshop - real tangibel resultsPASSIVE INCOME 

You will learn how to quickly build your ‘passive’ recurring income to generate an additional £4,000pm within six months from a standing start.

  • Learn how to find a great domain name, and build a mobile-friendly, SEO-clever, money-making website.
  • In front of a live audience, I will literally purchase and build a wordpress website from scratch.
  • How to make even more money by offering FREE membership to your site…



internet marketing experts help with online sales


If you already have your own products or services to offer, I’ll show you how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media to be found online (my Speciality).

There are only a few Simple guidelines to writing your Blog Posts and webpages, that can make such a MASSIVE difference to being found online.

  • Learn the 30 seconds of SEO awareness that will put you in front of your target audience
  • How to use Facebook Ads, groups and fanpages, youtube, instagram, linkedin etc to build a MASSIVE mailing list of raving fans.



nothing to sell make money online adviceNOTHING TO SELL?

Believe it or not, this can be the Fastest Way to Make Money Online TODAY!!

Most Internet Marketers started their journey by selling other people’s products, and you don’t need your own website or even need a list to sell to. 

  • How to get your freebies without being inundated by mailshots
  • Build your Opt-in list without having to pay for those landing page systems
  • How to earn by gifting away freebies!!




The one MAJOR, yet subtle difference (that no-one is using yet) that will ensure your subscribers give you their genuine email address, and how to ensure that your message to them cuts through the crowds… (you’re going to LOVE this!)





$1m in 1 year case-study


We are going to examine a real life example of how one simple website Generated $1m within 12 months…

We will study in detail exactly how this was achieved, and how you too can build your own income freedom from a standing start TODAY…
and fortunately virtually ANYBODY CAN DO THIS…







Proof of Results

Although it has never been my main focus, I have helped hundreds of people to learn how to generate their own online freedom, and I have lots of testimonials from previous events.

Making Money Online Testimonial Phiona aged 11

Testimonial from Phiona aged 11

I remember I was hosting a small workshop in Belgium eight years ago where I stopped off by special request during my campervan tour of Europe, and one of the attendees asked if her 11 year old daughter could join us.  I replied that if she was interested, then I would be delighted to teach her too…
You can see Phiona’s video testimonial here

See more video testimonials here 






Wisdom from Sir Richard Branson  inspiration-from-richard-branson-say yes

In a recent interview, Richard Branson was asked what one thing he would recommend, that would make the biggest difference and bring people from that fear of breaking out of their existing comfort zone, to the time and money freedom they desire, and his answer was simple;

Start saying Yes! more often!


So here is your million-dollar opportunity…
are you going to say YES and grab it right now?





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Reserve Your Seat NOW!

I only offered this once before (in 2011) and it was sold-out within three hours, so I know I don’t need to add a scarcity countdown timer to this page… Reserve Your Seat NOW!

So here is your chance to spend some one-on-one time with a genuine Internet Marketer.
I hope you will grab this SUPERB OPPORTUNITY with both hands.





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please simply use the above form too.



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Mike Berry dynamicmike SEO expert ScotlandWho is Mike Berry?

Internet Marketing since the very beginning

  • Generated my First Income Online in 1996 (TWO years before Google started, and EIGHT years before Facebook).
  • Spoken around the world on the Internet Marketing Platform
  • Hosted the First Ever Internet Summit in Scotland (2004)
  • Left Scotland in 2008 in my campervan with my dog, touring through 21 countries over 2.5 years & determined to generate 100% of my income via the web as I travelled.
  • I have written advanced guides and I own websites on virtually every aspect of SEO and Social Media.

I’m not about to boast that I have sold millions online, and I’m not going to hype about how simple it is…
I’ve been through my fair share of challenges and confidence absence (mostly stemmed from my own self-talk).
All I will say is that since 2007, I have been living the lifestyle of a TIME MILLIONAIRE… 
I wake when I want, enjoying travel and photography, and I love helping others to discover that freedom too.






SEO Expert Mike Berry skiing -Money-Comes-and-Money-Goes



LIVE Internet Marketing Workshop - no sales pitch - pure content - learn exactly what you need to do to earn online today
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