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Facebook Ads

Now in July 2015, we’ve gone waaaay beyond the normal Facebook Ads, and I’ve invested heavily in special software to take advantage of the next generation of adverts.

What Is It?

Well statistics are showing that the average facebook user is now watching an average of 37 minutes of video per DAY whilst browsing facebook… That’s over and above any specialised video websites such as Youtube.

HOWEVER, nobody goes to facebook with the intention of LEAVING facebook, so they are reluctant to click on external links, and the traditional facebook ads in newsfeed or sidebar, are images which attempt to encourage clicks to a website.

What’s Different?

Our latest system will utilise viral videos & include clickable links including opt-in WITHIN the video whilst STILL on the main facebook website.  So in other words, the user doesn’t need to leave fb.


You may have heard about re-targetting or remarketing, and you may have experienced it in action…

What happens is, we have a tiny piece of code already embedded in every video advert, and if/when the viewer goes on their journey without purchasing immediately from you, or opting in, they will be followed around automatically & they’ll start seeing YOUR advert everywhere they go!!


Marketing geniuses of old, used to say that it takes 7-11 exposures to your business name before a potential customer will become familiar enough with the company name, before they decide that they trust the name enough to purchase from you.  In 2015, with the influx of Social Media & so many more apps to distract us all, they new wisdom indicates that you now need to get in front of your ideal customer at least SEVENTEEN TIMES before your customer is more likely to buy!
And that’s where retargetting pixels kick in & help you to DOMINATE, and BLOW AWAY any statistics.

The latest results this week, actually had one friend have her account STOPPED BY PAYPAL because there was SO MUCH revenue suddenly flooding IN!!


Now it’s Your Turn!!

This is a Full Service Offer, and we will do ALL of the work for you.


It’s Your Budget

You decide on your own budget, and we will simply charge a set-up fee of £200, and you keep 100% of your own profits.






facebook-advertising, full service Facebook Ads

facebook-advertising, full service Facebook Ads