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Well I must admit, I was very impressed by the numbers of interested attendees at the
Social Media and Marketing Show at Ingliston on Wednesday.
Search Engine Experts, Working with Google SEO Helping Businesses Achieve First Page Rankings.

As it happens, I also own websites & I’ve written Advanced Guides on every aspect of Social Media; how to DOMINATE and how to monetise your Social Media exposure, but I figured that there would be lots of stands offering Social Media services (and I was right).  

So instead, I focused on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and it would appear, that was a good decision, as I was the only one offering this assistance at the event.








How Can I Serve You Best?


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London, Edinburgh and Online options


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Watch over my shoulder as I build a new SEO-Clever, Mobile-Friendly, Money-Making, WordPress Website from Scratch

Full Service SEO

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Why don’t YOU just get on with doing what YOU do best, and let me do your Search Engine Optimisation for you (£200pm)


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Better results than Google Adwords when done right.




So a couple of weeks ago, I was asked by a new potential client, what other questions he should be asking his SEO ‘expert’, and I advised that he should “check the SEO service for proof of results and testimonials” and I figured that I should check my own results before giving such advice…

so check this out… not only Google First Page Web Domination, but also Video Domination and Image Domination!

How happy would you be if this was the results for YOUR business keywords?
Would this make a difference to your enquiries and sales ?

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