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Your host Mike Berry (dynamicmike), will show you why he has been asked to speak around the world on the Internet Marketing Platform since 1999.

Best SEO Experts in UK - Mike Berry dynamicmike, Scotland UK
Best SEO Experts in UK – Mike Berry dynamicmike, Scotland UK

About Mike Berry

  • * Mike Berry generated his first income online in 1996 (2 years before Google started, and 8 years before Facebook).
  • * Mike hosted the first-ever Internet Summit in Scotland (in 2004).
  • * Mike has written guides on virtually every aspect of Social Media & SEO 
  • * He has spoken around the world on the Internet Platform.
  • * He continues to generate 100% of his income online.


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About Mike Berry (dynamicmike)


…The Guy To Call, When You’re Tired Of Thinking Small…
– DynamicMike – 


“My mission is to unleash effortless abundance worldwide, by helping people realise that abundance is their natural state, and that their “limitations” are only in their mind.”

“Never underestimate the influence of your words and actions”
– dynamicmike –

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention to arrive safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow!! What a ride!”


Rotaract Club President three times and District Chairman of two out of the three districts in Scotland.

I used to fly to London every month for ONE night, just to attend the YES-group meetings.
After hosting numerous FREE Personal Development seminars (where I spent as much time and effort trying to persuade 20-30 people to come along, and that I really was giving this from the heart, and selling nothing, as I did in the preparation of the content for the events).
I then became founder and chairman of YES-Scotland, a Tony Robbins support group.
Also founder of Basket-Brigade-in-Scotland, feeding hundreds of needy families at christmas-time.

I have been involved in many, many charitable groups and clubs (usually as leader/driver/founder/President), and was invited to HRH, Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Garden Party in recognition of my charitable efforts (at age 25, I was probably the youngest person there!).

I have been featured on TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers. Been given various awards & accolades, won a few trophies and even been honoured with a Civic Reception as a result of my charitable & business efforts.

I successfully ran my own Independent Financial Advisory practice in Edinburgh, as one of the highest qualified in the UK, until I decided that my heart was no longer in it, so I closed that business during 2006 and instead I chose to concentrate on my new project called “Inspire Scotland”.

My goal was to Inspire 10,000 people at once, so I hired the largest conference centre in Scotland (SECC) and invested 1.5 years and all of my own fairly substantial savings to make it happen – and it did!!

I used to fly out to Toronto every quarter for ONE day of business coaching!
Of course that always meant at least four days away from my office, so I created fantastic systems and support structure to run my office in my absence.

I generated my first income online in 1996 (yes almost 20 yrs ago), and now generate 100% of my income via the web. I have helped hundreds of people to Make Money Online.

As an avid photographer, and insatiable adventurer, I have been touring Europe with my dog, full-time, since October 2008 (see my photo albums here on fb).

I don’t drink, don’t smoke, have never touched a drug, fortunate to be fit & healthy, but not in the least anal about it (I eat almost everything in moderation).
Kickboxing blackbelt with 18years of martial arts experience.
I have zero interest in football or soaps. Very much into positive vibrations, Law of Attraction, NLP and Loving Life Now!

I have been involved in Personal Development for more than 20 years (been known as ‘DynamicMike’ since that time too), and have attended (and spoken at) many seminars around the world, along with some amazing, inspirational leaders!

If you follow Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Richard Bandler, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor etc, then you’ll know a bit more about me and my attitude to & outlook on life.

More info here;

I have been involved in Toastmasters and Public-Speaking Associations and I have spoken on a number of platforms including; Millionaire-Minds, Rotary Leadership Challenges, Time-Mastery, Entrepreneur-training, Inspire Scotland, Internet Inspiration

One of my favourite subjects is; Blasting Limited Beliefs Forever, and “If you’re going to think anyway, you may as well think BIG”


With my goal of inspiring 10,000 people at once, I created two MASSIVE events “The Largest Inspirational Event Ever To Come To Scotland” in March and October 2006.

I also introduced the first-ever Internet Summit to Scotland (2004)


*Master Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
*Master Certified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
*Certified in Time Line Therapy™
*Certified in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning™ & Design Human Engineering™ (NHR & DHE)


Personal Interests:
Photography, Business, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurialism, Coaching, Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Kickboxing, Cycling, Ski-ing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Adventure, Travelling, Yoga, Dancing, Love, Psychology, Philanthropy, Communication Skills, Smiling…

Friend, Brain Optimiser,
Social Media Expert, Author,
Abundance Creator, Beauty Observer

dynamicmike – 25 things you (probably) didn’t know

1. I feel very blessed that I have known true unconditional love in my life. (currently single, and yet with SO MUCH to give – cheeky smiles).
2. I don’t smoke, don’t drink (any alcohol, ever), have never even tried any drugs (and no intrigue there either). Love juicing.
3. I was one of the highest qualified Financial Advisers in UK, and had a very successful business for 17 years.
4. I was a member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), and apparently only 2% of Financial Advisers in the world qualify.
5. I was Chairman of the Professional Body of Financial Advisers in Scotland.
6. I have founded and Chaired many Businesses and Charitable Projects.
7. I was invited to the HRH Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Garden Party at age 25 as a result of my Charitable Events.
8. I created an amazing event called “Inspire Scotland” in 2006 and booked a venue to hold 10,000 attendees. Unfortunately I didn’t sell 10,000 seats and the project, although very successful, with no sponsorship and entirely self-financed, left me financially destitute… big shakeup for me!
9. I have qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Computer Studies, Accounting & Business Studies (oh, and Financial Advising, I was one of the highest qualified in UK).
10. I learned to ride a unicycle for a Rotaract charity bed push at age 21. I also collected least amount of cash as I hadn’t learned how to stop. (I created the catch-phrase “Rotaract put the FUN into fundraising”).
11. I have spoken on stage on many subjects including; Time Mastery, Inspiration/Motivational, Goal-Setting, Internet Marketing & How To Make Money Online.
12. I used to teach windsurfing (yes,in Scotland!).
13. At one stage I had three full-time jobs plus studying two nights per week.
14. I am now living the lifestyle of a retiree. I rise when I want, turn left or right if I so desire and work for no-one. Earning entirely online and currently touring Europe in my Campervan with my dog. So far he has travelled with me to 21 countries (and his navigation skills are still rubbish). Personal Coaching spaces now avail.
15. I love taking photographs and capturing “Magic Moments”. Love photo editing too.
16. I joined Rotaract at 18 and was Club President three times and Chaired two of the three Scottish Districts.
17. I was the youngest member of Rotary Club of Edinburgh (and brought the average age down to 68).
18. I used to fly to Toronto every three months for ONE DAY of business coaching.
19. I have been lucky enough to crew many Tony Robbins events, including Life Mastery in Hawaii during the 9/11 event.
20. I founded and Chaired the YES-Scotland group & Basket-Brigade in Scotland.
21. I am now an expert in many fields including; How to Get to the Front Page of Google, and love teaching others how to Make Money Online.
22. I have owned convertible cars since age 19 (yes, in Scotland).
22. My last car was a brand-new Mercedes convertible.
23. I have been to many fantastic places including cycling New Zealand’s South Island to raise money for Charity.
24. I still want to; ride on an Elephant in Thailand, stroke a Tiger, ride a Camel in Egypt, walk the Great Wall of China & Meditate in Nepal. I still want to ride in; a Ferrari, Lambo, Noble, Rolls Royce, Jeep, Ducati, Harley Davidson.
25. I love staying fit, cycling, windurfing and kickboxing for 18yrs (not at same time).


More info here;


Join me here on facebook at;




I was doing some preparation for my presentation at “The Mobile Marketing Millionaire Summit” in London, and decided to look this up;My first-ever computer experience; The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) produced in 1977  (no idea why they called it the 2001 series… I guess they were forward thinking).
This was the fore-runner to the Commodore 16 & 64 (colour)
* Original Pet Imagebuilt-in 9” CRT display (monochrome 25 lines of 40 characters)
* 6502 microprocessor
* 8 k of RAM memory
* built-in BASIC in ROM! (by a small company called MicroSoft!)
Dynamicmike, my first computer experience, Kirkcaldy High School Commodore PET
Dynamicmike, my first computer experience, Kirkcaldy High School Commodore PET

I used to get up at 5am, make up my packed lunch (peanut butter sandwiches) which was eaten at 7am!
and cycle along to the school for the janitor opening up at 5:30am.
My friend Brian Smith came along from the opposite direction and met me at the school door every morning.

We were allowed to ‘play’ on the computer until 9am.

Of course there was no such thing as ‘computer games’ in those days. We created our 1st game called “SPLAT” which essentially required us to hard code our ‘fly’ which would randomly change direction to move around the screen one pixel away from where it had been, and control our cursor via arrow keys, then press the ‘S’ button to ‘Splat’ the fly.

The clever coding came in when calculating where the next pixel & all associated to that group of pixels (ie. the legs & wings of the fly) could only move sequentially in any direction (such as a Queen on a Chess board), and then remove the previous pixels, and thus the illusion of movement.
We also controlled the speed & size of the fly & the cursor.

To save our work, we used a standard C90 cassette tape, and marked the tape with tippex for each update, so that we could manually find it (do you remember using a biro pen to wind on your cassette tapes?)

As you can see, the cassette deck was almost as large as the keyboard. Our PC had 8kb of memory (not Gigabytes or even Megabytes, but Kilobytes).

We then tried to get more advanced & creative by building a snooker game, complete with pockets and ball ‘bounce’ off the frame depending upon the angle it hit etc… and the complexities of removing previous pixels, and not going off-screen etc was a lot more complicated & required a lot more programming than it may sound.

And so began my introduction to B.A.S.I.C. (Beginners All Symbolic Instruction Code).

The school soon created a new position of “Computer Manager” and this was awarded to the Head of Maths Dept. Mr Trewartha… He used to come and ask Brian & I how to use the PC as we had spent more time on it than anyone else, and we had learned some sneaky shortcuts too.

… ah those were the days huh??

We later became part of a team that actually WON one of two computers in a National competition.
The new computer was apparently worth £3,500 (which was deemed to be a fortune), and came without a monitor or instructions, and because it was so ‘valuable
‘ for pupils to use, nobody was allowed to touch it!!

Again Brian & I were in the team of six ‘nerds’ and Brian & I kinda cheated as we chose to take photos of nearby advanced electronics companies for the project, leaving the true brain-box academic nerds to work on the rest of the project.

That was when we were ‘arrested’ for taking piccies of the outside of the Marconi building!
We had our cameras & film confiscated by the Security Guard, but were fortunately reunited with them by the boss (phew, Brian had borrowed the school’s camera, but mine belonged to my uncle, and how was I going to tell him I’d been arrested & had his camera confiscated by security!?)


I went on to study & qualify for two computer qualifications; HND CDP (Higher National Diploma in Computer Data Processing) and HNC CS (Higher National Certificate in Computer Studies), where I learned all of the components to build a computer, how they all worked and why, and how to program in COBOL (COmmon Business Orientated Language) and PASCAL.
Of course, none of that is relevant in today’s world!!


Later in 1984, I installed the Mini-Computer system in my Dad’s Chartered Accountancy Practice.

The computer was a specialised package from Hartley Star, especially for accountants to run client accounts on, plus there were additional software packages to run staff & client’s payroll, and the new-fangled Word-Processing.

It cost my dad £18,000 and ran four dumb terminals.  The main CPU (Central Processing Unit) was the size of a washing machine, and was mostly empty space!  It had a memory of 10mb, [yes TEN MEGABYTES, not Gigabytes or Terabytes… some of my smallest photographs today are 10mb in size each!] and it needed an 8″ floppy disc to boot it up in the morning, and each client’s data was held on a separate 8 inch floppy disc.

Each dumb terminal was connected in different rooms throughout the office via a special plug in the wall, and they each had 32kb of memory only, so could not run without the main CPU.  We had to take it in turns to use as we had 24 staff and 4 terminals.

The software required me to work out the coding, layout and formats for every element, and this took many, many hours of study & practice to build it all, and then teach the 24 staff how to use.

What was intriguing, is that the 17 year olds were fastest to learn, and the two eldest staff were both 34 year old typists (and both called Christine), and neither of them wanted to learn about word processing as they were happy with their typewriters and carbon paper.

I had spent so much time with this design, that I actually knew all of the menus and look of every screen inside out, and I could even describe and lead a member of staff through the whole process over the phone.

My dad later told me that the computer had paid for itself within one year.  He would have each staff member complete their own diary everyday, and log every 15 minutes chargeable to a client, and the computer time was also logged and charged to the client as the most expensive member of staff.

That CPU was hardwired into the electric mains in order to avoid any power spikes, and it remained in the office (in the attic space which we had also converted into office space too) from 1984 until 2013… almost 30 years!!